Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

Ho Chi Minh City
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Yale University


Hello! I am Melissa from America. I have a BS in Political Science from Yale.

Do you love English? Me too. And, yes, I know English can be difficult; but it is also a very beautiful language, and it can give you a lot of pleasure. It can also take you to places you’ve always wanted to go, such as to cities far away, or even just a few floors up, in the management offices of your company. English is a tool; learn to use it properly, and the whole world can become your playground.

That's why we're here—to get a better grasp of the language because English is a key to the world. Join me at Campus Education as we practice our TOEFL iBT skills and get to know each other. I have taught, coached, and edited for hundreds of non-native English users for 5 years, in four countries. Let me put this experience to work for you; sign up for a TOEFL class of any level at Campus and don't forget to ask if you have questions.

These days, I live in Ho Chi Minh City. I concentrate on helping people prepare for tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT. I also edit and proofread documents, websites, and university applications for students at Campus Education. As you might have guessed by now, I love your city and I plan on living here for a long time.